” A sound mind in a strong body” –

👋🏾 I’m Ryan – a Health and Wellness coach based in NYC.

For a long time, I wondered why working out and eating the same diets my buddies were doing left me with less than desireable results – I got into better shape but it wasn’t matching up with the crew.

I was determined to find answers. I researched, experimented, bio hacked, tested strategies and methodologies from all over the world to get what I needed. And that ongoing journey led me to incredible discoveries about the body, mind and soul.

Also, is it possible to be in love doughnuts and pastries and still be worthy of good health and a good life????

For the past 7 years on this journey, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people and was able to share my experiences.

I’ve been blessed to have learned from some of the best minds in this space – and what I would like to do is share methods from my personal experience, my experiments, data collected from clients, a bit of science as well as holistic practices and bio hacking to get the job done.

There is a ton of information on wellness out there but what good is it to you if you can’t unpack it and put it to use.

I’d like to provide a perspective that can possibly make some of that information digestible and most importantly, actionable!

And yes, it’s possible to be a healthy person and still desire all the wonderful scrumptious pleasantries coming out of kitchens and bakeries across the city and the world for that matter. As you can see in the picture above 😃

So please accompany me on my journey for wellness and a good life. ✌🏾

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