How The Cold Can Be Good🥶

Maybe you’ve heard of people taking cold showers or ice bath’s and wondered what’s all the hype- Or maybe you could care less and think it’s absurd.  

A couple years ago I didn’t believe freezing my balls off would have any health benefits. – and now a couple years later I freeze ’em off every morning for several minutes as well as the occasional ice bath. 

Cold thermogenesis is your body’s metabolic response to cold by increasing heat production.


The main ones include fat loss, improved immunity, alleviation of depression, and muscle recovery. 

My main reason for using cold exposure is mental calmness and increased energy first thing in the morning. 

One of the strongest physiological responses to the cold is a huge increase in norepinephrine(hormone and neurotransmitter), which mediates mood, attention and other cognitive capacities. 

The goal is to voluntarily activate our sympathetic nervous system so we can train ourselves to stay calm and in control under stress. 

Why Fat loss

Cold exposure turns us into fat-burning machines by activating Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT or brown fat).  It’s an additional kicker to a good diet and exercise. – just freezing won’t cut it. 

Immunity boost

Wim Hof Method (both the cold exposure and the breathwork) may be worth looking into if you’re really looking for cold exposure as a treatment for autoimmune diseases and inflammation reduction. 

Back to the Mental Performance of Cold exposure

We can reprogram our unconscious and self-limiting patterns. Fighting against all of our impulses to avoid freezing temperatures reveals something to us: that we are capable of doing difficult, uncomfortable, seemingly impossible things.

We see that our full potential lies outside of our current comfort zone, and to cross the threshold, we must get comfortable being uncomfortable.

I start the morning with this practice because it’s a small but powerful act of defiance that builds resilience, grit, discipline and confidence. As well as it allows me to really lock in my focus and energy without reaching for the coffee right away. I also like it for helping me to stay lean. 

How to do it

Cold shower – Start small, take a shower in the am as you would or just hop in the shower and let warm water run head to toe, take a couple of deep breaths and crank it cold and hold on for 30 seconds then turn it back hot. 

Start there and start increasing the duration – and time yourself.  Your body will get used to it- See if you can work up to a couple of minutes. 🙂

Ice bath ( next level) – AFTER a hard charging workout – fill that tub up and go for it. 2-3 min 

Cryo chamber – pretty cool 

Be smart about it especially if you’re gonna try ice baths or jumping into lakes etc. 

So accept that a bit of cold is good for you and don’t view  cold as an opponent and an enemy—a force to defeat and conquer. This conditions the mind to view the cold as a threat and every exposure as a battle, as opposed to an ally in achieving better health and resiliency.

However, your body is always adapting to whatever you consistently do or don’t do. The more frequently you expose yourself to the cold, the faster you’ll adapt

“Repeated exposure to difficult environments actually unlocks biological mechanisms that our ancestors trained from infancy. In other words, you will still have all the benefits of a modern human being, but you will also have the resilience and endurance that humans had before we got so damn comfortable.” SCOTT CARNEY

You want more info check this out- Rhonda Patrick

Ryan Chandlall

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