People usually head out during NYC summers but given what has happened, our options are limited. To put it lightly aint shit to do!!  

I’ve been meaning to get out there and do more because I love nature and love being outdoors. Especially when I travel, it’s the best way to explore. 

So I reached out to my friend Ree – she lives for the hikes and outdoors. I have here some of her best recommendations outside of NY and some great info on what to look for. 

Not only is a good hike a great workout but it allows us to detach from our day to day and  get back with nature.  

It can be a great relationship builder and meditative experience. I love this activity for its mental and physical wellness rewards. 

Stairway to Heaven: Pochuck Valley to Pinwheel Vista |

Steep! Feels strenuous because it’s all uphill but it’s a short one. You will be rewarded with one of the best views once on the top though. I would recommend doing this trail early in the AM, preferably by 9am because the trail gets packed really fast!

Ramapo Valley County Reservation |

There are a lot of trails you can do at this reservation. I have done a 7.2 loop. Awesome views and very peaceful when there is no one around. Most people don’t do the whole loop. This one is also a community favorite so it gets packed fast. If you want the least amount of people then start before 8am. This is a dog friendly trail! 

Mt. Tammany | Hike the Hudson Valley

This trail is a beaut! Especially during fall. I wouldn’t recommend this trail if you are afraid of snakes. While they aren’t all the way out on the trail, you just have to be cautious of where you are stepping on sides of the main trail. 

It’s short but a steep uphill and awesome views of the Delaware river. The trailhead parking is easy to miss as it looks like you are pulling off on the side of the highway but you are not, it’s actually parking for the trail. 

Same thing with this one, get there as early as 7am or parking will be full. Especially during the summer. 

Here’s a link that explains how not to miss the view point. It’s a little ahead from where the trail marking ends. 

Giant Stairs – Hudson River Palisades

This trail has a lot of rocks but I didn’t find it strenuous. I have done the long loop. 

It’s 11 miles. You can get there a little later in the morning. I personally like to get to any trail at or before 6am so I can avoid people. I would suggest get there at least before 9am so you can actually enjoy the peace and not be dying of heat either. 

Once you get to the Giant stairs piece of the trail, there is no shade at all. It can get really hot during the summer especially when you have to hold on to rocks to get through the trail. Also, since it runs parallel to water, there are water bugs and spiders 🕷 but none that can harm though. There is also a sweet little swing and a waterfall on the shorter part of the trail. 

Overlook Mountain | Hike the Hudson Valley

If you like abandoned locations and a killer view to top it off then you will love this one. I love all things old and left for imagination backed up a few facts as well 🙂 

This trail actually gives you an awesome vista view along with an  abandoned hotel which is literally all bones, but you can still see some of it left behind like a fireplace, clawfoot tub in one of the “rooms,” mattress frame, etc. if you can still recognize them. 

If you look closely on the walls you may see some remains of very old posters which literally melted over the century and left a little print on the walls. I mean we are talking about going wayyy back to the 1800s and early 1900s. It’s freakin ‘rad! 

Also, with the  overlook trail you can actually hang around the woodstock area if it’s open. It’s a pretty  chill village. And if you want a kickass meal and are willing to drive out of the way then go to Phoenicia Diner. You will not be disappointed! It’s literally on one of the most scenic roads in the NY region! 

All links are provided with updated covid info. 

There are many other trails but I find these to be worth a visit! Here are some other great ones to check out. 

Breakneck Ridge- Cold Springs

Mianus River Gorge – Bedford NY

Cliff Walk- Newport RI (more of a walk than a hike) 

Thanks to my pal Ree, Check out some of her awesome shots from hiking at

Ryan Chandlall

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